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The strength of MixUp, is to offer to our clients the quality of our product and the expertise gained through our extensive experience within the concrete industry.

Our Company

We are committed to providing quality & Innovative services to our clients and we have the intention to remain at the forefront of the industry by providing a cost-effective, high quality service and product.

Safe work practices, quality product, technical knowledge and the willingness to be the most reliable partner in the concrete market are forming the foundation of our rapid growth. We can develop and execute cost effective and quality solutions, tailor-made for any of your concrete projects.

Who we partner with

BaseRaft Foundation Systems

Our Baseraft engineering offers a fast and affordable engineering service with a 48 hour turn around for the PS1. We have engineering solutions for Baseraft TC1, TC2, S-Class, M-Class and H-Class expansive clay areas. We also have engineering for a TC2 fibre free topping slab, this is perfect for polished and grinded floors.